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Cruise Ship Schedule 2013-2014
September 2013
19-Sep-13 Carnival Freedom
23-Sep-13 Carnival Victory
25-Sep-13 Carnival Breeze
October 2013
03-Oct-13 Carnival Freedom
07-Oct-13 Norwegian Sun,
07-Oct-13 Carnival Victory
09-Oct-13 Carnival Breeze
17-Oct-13 Carnival Freedom
18-Oct-13 Carnival Legend
21-Oct-13 Carnival Victory
22-Oct-13 Coral Princess
23-Oct-13 Carnival Breeze
31-Oct-13 Carnival Freedom
November 2013
04-Nov-13 Carnival Victory
06-Nov-13 Carnival Breeze
06-Nov-13 AidaLuna
13-Nov-13 Norwegian Pearl
13-Nov-13 AidaBella
14-Nov-13 Carnival Freedom
18-Nov-13 Carnival Victory
18-Nov-13 AidaBella
20-Nov-13 Norwegian Pearl
20-Nov-13 Carnival Breeze
24-Nov-13 Coral Princess
27-Nov-13 Norwegian Pearl,
27-Nov-13 Eurodam
28-Nov-13 Carnival Freedom
December 2013      top
02-Dec-13 Carnival Victory
02-Dec-13 AidaBella
04-Dec-13 Norwegian Pearl
04-Dec-13 Carnival Breeze
05-Dec-13 Liberty of the Seas
05-Dec-13 Coral Princess
08-Dec-13 Island Princess
11-Dec-13 Norwegian Pearl
11-Dec-13 Costa Luminosa
16-Dec-13 Carnival Victory
16-Dec-13 AidaBella
18-Dec-13 Norwegian Pearl
18-Dec-13 Carnival Breeze
21-Dec-13 Costa Luminosa
24-Dec-13 Europa
25-Dec-13 Norwegian Pearl
25-Dec-13 Eurodam
26-Dec-13 Carnival Freedom
26-Dec-13 Coral Princess
30-Dec-13 Carnival Victory
30-Dec-13 AidaBella
31-Dec-13 Costa Luminosa
31-Dec-13 Carnival Breeze
January 2014
01-Jan-14 Norwegian Pearl
07-Jan-14 Seadream
08-Jan-14 Eurodam
08-Jan-14 Norwegian Pearl
09-Jan-14 Carnival Freedom
10-Jan-14 Costa Luminosa
13-Jan-14 Carnival Victory
13-Jan-14 AidaBella
14-Jan-14 Carnival Breeze
15-Jan-14 Norwegian Pearl
20-Jan-14 Costa Luminosa
21-Jan-14 Coral Princess
23-Jan-14 Carnival Freedom
27-Jan-14 Carnival Victory
28-Jan-14 Carnival Breeze
29-Jan-14 Island Princess,
30-Jan-14 Costa Luminosa
February 2014 top
04-Feb-14 Norwegian Epic
05-Feb-14 Eurodam
06-Feb-14 Carnival Freedom
09-Feb-14 Costa Luminosa
10-Feb-14 Carnival Victory
10-Feb-14 Aida Bella
11-Feb-14 Norwegian Epic
12-Feb-14 New Amsterdam
13-Feb-14 Westerdam
18-Feb-14 Norwegian Epic
19-Feb-14 Eurodam
20-Feb-14 Carnival Freedom
21-Feb-14 Carnival Luminosa
24-Feb-14 Carnival Victory
24-Feb-14 Aida Bella
25-Feb-14 Norwegian Epic
26-Feb-14 Carnival Breeze
March 2014
Coming up soon.
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